The latest bloom into you is so incredible :blobaww: I'm sad there are only 13 episodes :(

Each time I come back home I'm so stressed to open my letterbox because I want to know if my name will be changed or not :/

There are a lot of new people here, I hope you will all enjoy this wonderful place ~ and I wish you a lot of good things! 💜

heyo, I'm Jaida, just came from tumblr and I hardly know how this works. 21, lesbian and just looking to get in touch with other nerdy lesbians

hi everybody! i am new to mastodon, but excited to get started!

my name is beck, and i'm a biology student in the usa.

i like voltron, overwatch, league of legends, and streaming on twitch.

my current obsession is !

hit me up if you are new and share the same interests!

hi!!! i'm astrid, i'm 24 and autistic & i'm newly engaged to my lovely trans gf!! i'm currently obsessed with the web serial (, , and !! i'm vegan and like to cook (but won't talk about food if that's not cool) especially curries, stir fry, and scrambles. i migrated from tumblr so hello 2 everyone else getting flagged!! i'm currently taking a break from working for my health so hmu if you love being gay and not knowing what to do abt it

hi !! i’m tori, or some people call me rian (which i prefer but i don’t mind), my pronouns are she/her and i’m a big gay.

i have a cat named ducky and i live in NY!

send me a follow and i’ll follow ya back if ya want! :blobmiou:

howdy im amelia/pillow and im a big ol dyke! i have 2 gfs but theyre both bottoms and im looking for the strap ghdsjfrehfr but uhhh idk what else to say but hi!

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