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Me, by @catgirl 💜
It's a bit hard to accept it represents me, but I find it really cute :3

Hi I'm new and I want to post things from a library right now the library is mostly books but I'm hoping I can add more different things there are some audio recordings and a few films short and long and some other things I hope some people here like it

This is my picture from the library I have six eyes and am holding sushi in chopsticks yes I know you're not supposed to eat in the library

Fusoroi no Renri
not finished, age gap in one of the relationships

Always human

Missing Monday
not finished

Ample Time
not finished

The sea in you
not finished, abusive relationship

Dumbing of Age
not finished, really long, not particularly lesbian but a lot of queer characters

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Small list of lesbian manga/webcomics recommandations

Please note I did not include trigger warnings, if you have specific triggers don't hesitate to ask

I did not include descriptions neither as they are fictions I already talked about

She becomes a tree
finished, very short

Tamen de gushi
not finished, school setup

not finished, school setup

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