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RT :‼️ Rassemblement commémoratif en hommage à Babacar Gueye - Samedi 5 décembre à 14h devant l'immeuble où Babacar a été tué par la BAC de Rennes en décembre 2015. RDV au GAST.

Plus d'info à venir sur l'évènement facebook Marche pour Babacar Gueye


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*looks at your proof state*
damn bitch, you live like this?

it's just barely over 1.5x time the size of a RPi4.. ^^"

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mass murder, repression, frpol, algerian independence 

On October 17, 1961 — French police killed 300 Algerians in Paris for calling for Algerian independence🇩🇿

300 men, women and teens muredered for exercising a fundamental French ‘liberty.’


habt ihr irgendwelche Empfehlungen für gute Deutsche Twitter order Mastodon Konto?

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CW: nudité

Une fois n'est pas coutume sur ce compte, avec le climat anxiogène de l'actu j'ai décidé je vous partager une petite vidéo lewdy pour vous changer les idées 😘 💕

Enjoy et les partages sont bienvenus ❤️

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[youtube-dl thingy, funny]
So apparently the latest commit (and its code tree, history and stuff) of youtube-dl repository is still accessible... on the github's DMCA repository:

with the corresponding PR on the repository:

just marvelous :')
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*opens coat* psst, hey, need some youtube-dl?

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This is a good primer on getting into RISC-V assembly

First thing that struck me was how clean it is

I'm most definitely not an "assembly guy", but even a dunce like me can grasp the basics because of how well thought out it is. Probably also helps that RISC-V is new and doesn't have the caked on layers of eldritch horrors as in most others ABIs

Are there some NetBSD users in my TL?

I have a question about package management: is pkgin the default package command to install packages or is it pkg_add? What do people use?

I'm team typeclasses + effect system and I can't choose between the two ;_;

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When you're at the candy store and they ask you to choose just one thing

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