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This is fucked, and throws attention on how important radical community healthcare is to fill in these gaps. Or, in other words, HELP YOUR TRANS COMMUNITY GET HORMONES. If you've self medded before, try and let this be known. If someone asks for help getting hormones, help them. twitter.com/NotRightRuth/statu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/isbeisbeisbe/statu


Hi, I'm currently self-medding HRT in the UK. Ask me anything and/or go on reddit.com/r/TransDIY

the search system on reddit is currently fucked though.... 🙄

wtf, why is it splitting the QRT into one RT and a reply??!! @renatolond ?

@kit_ty_kate If the two together are too big to fit on 500 chars, it splits in two, with one replying to the other

@renatolond ah, I see. I didn't think it was that big already. Sorry for the ping, thanks!

@kit_ty_kate Might be a bug, it indeed doesn't look that big from my side, I'll try to double check later ;)

@renatolond yeah it doesn't look that big but it's already 541 characters, I've checked.

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