fun project of the evening: Trying to install NetBSD on a RPi4.

Current status: boots but then freezes here

Ok I give up for today.

I've tried -stable, -current, all the combination of files and modifications of the config.txt I could think of, …

If someone already went through this, I'd gladly take some insights

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The closest I was to get -current working gave me this but I'm unsure where this fails (my best guess would be that something went wrong while loading the second FFSv2 partition)

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Also wtf, how is the UFS support so bad in Linux??

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SUCCESS!! All thanks to 🙏

Steps to get it to work:
1) Update your eeprom to at least 2020-09-03 ( This is necessary to allow EFI partitions to boot
2) Flash your sdcard with 2020-12-09-netbsd-raspi-aarch64.img from
3) 🎉

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@kit_ty_kate because there are multiple versions of UFS/FFS.

FreeBSD has their flavour, NetBSD too and also OpenBSD.

While they come from the same BSD heritage, there has never been any effort to standardise or establish inter compatibility for UFS/FFS.

@kit_ty_kate I was under the impression that RPi4 wasn’t supported yet. Have you different info? I’ve been eyeing the possibility, but not tracking super closely...

@apg See my last toot of the thread. It's possible, I have it running rn.

@kit_ty_kate oh, great! Sorry that I missed that toot. I blame Amaroq. :)

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