🤔 mmh, what is clang doing correctly that llc+clang doesn't??

Oracle just removed "yum" from its distribution??! (oraclelinux 8) What the actual fuck?

SUCCESS!! All thanks to @0x47DF@twitter.com 🙏

Steps to get it to work:
1) Update your eeprom to at least 2020-09-03 (github.com/raspberrypi/rpi-eep). This is necessary to allow EFI partitions to boot
2) Flash your sdcard with 2020-12-09-netbsd-raspi-aarch64.img from mail-index.netbsd.org/port-arm
3) 🎉

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The closest I was to get -current working gave me this but I'm unsure where this fails (my best guess would be that something went wrong while loading the second FFSv2 partition)

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fun project of the evening: Trying to install NetBSD on a RPi4.

Current status: boots but then freezes here

does anyone know how to deactivate this garbage bot that's spamming my email inbox??!

mass murder, repression, frpol, algerian independence 

On October 17, 1961 — French police killed 300 Algerians in Paris for calling for Algerian independence🇩🇿

300 men, women and teens muredered for exercising a fundamental French ‘liberty.’

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KhaledBeydoun/stat

When you're at the candy store and they ask you to choose just one thing

I got myself a new late-vacation toy: a RPi4. I put FreeBSD on it, it was surprisingly easy!

I hope it'll be useful as a quick test platform for work or some side projects.

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