I got myself a new late-vacation toy: a RPi4. I put FreeBSD on it, it was surprisingly easy!

I hope it'll be useful as a quick test platform for work or some side projects.

mmh, apparently I have 667 open tabs on my main browser window... Time to do a bit of spring cleaning

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if you only had this plot to figure out where face mask wearing is normalized/common/expected in public you'd be correct:

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Fuck I really live on this capitalistic hell island.. It's fucking frightening

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Le gouvernement britannique a jugé "raisonnable" d'estimer le nombre de cas d'infections au nouveau coronavirus à 55.000 dans le pays actuellement et estimé qu'un bilan final de l'épidémie à 20.000 morts ou moins constituerait "un bon résultat"

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queen 💖

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A Scottish woman reacts to the death of Margaret Thatcher.

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Please retweet: My room in Berlin is available April to September 2020. Large sunny room close to Alexanderplatz, view on Karl-Marx-Allee, U5 Weberwiese, Friedrichshain. DM me for details. 🙂

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We've prepared a zine version of our essay, "Against the Logic of the Guillotine"—


"For radicals, fetishizing the guillotine is just like fetishizing the state: it means celebrating an instrument of murder that will always be used chiefly against us."

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Video shows how the State's terror units operate on the streets of .
Scenes from last night - Footage by @rvfradiopopular@twitter.com.

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Cortège de @UnionCoLib@twitter.com à la manif en soutien aux luttes antifascistes et feministes de la gauche kurde.

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