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@samae i like the idea, i need to dig this out ^^" i already have a fair amount of stuff in tmpfs and I constantly have 80/90% of my RAM taken (i have 16Go)

wtf, why do i reply in French to a toot in English!?

ok fediverse, how do you keep your "Downloads" folder under control? I kinda gave up on mine.. x_x

@lobo i didn't know about it but it seems really good tbh

Foucault(tm) .. wait.. They trademarked Foucault??!!


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Walter Benjamin's Action Figure. Also available : Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, Butler, Arendt... Eduquez vos enfants comme il se doit, bande de parents indignes.

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@eris oh nevermind, their facebook page bio isn't up-to-date it seems. Recent interviews say they are two

@eris it's not a duo anymore apparently

« Worhs was born in July 2014 as a collaboration between WLWD, parisian musical journalist and Emir Togrul, turkish musician (Yayla, Viranesir, Blliigghhtted) under the name Destroyers of History. Their two monstruous egos met on more time then WLWD continued alone under the name Worhs, to release "Le Temps des Blasphèmes" in November 2014. »

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I will be graduating next weekend and my PhD dissertation titled "Distributed consensus revised" is now available online. cl.cam.ac.uk/techreports/UCAM-

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#MirageOS retreat field report from Gabriel Scherer fuzz-testing, network drivers, runtime optimisations #OCaml gallium.inria.fr/blog/marrakes

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