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Video shows how the State's terror units operate on the streets of .
Scenes from last night - Footage by @rvfradiopopular@twitter.com.

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Cortège de @UnionCoLib@twitter.com à la manif en soutien aux luttes antifascistes et feministes de la gauche kurde.

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For @JewishCurrents@twitter.com, I wrote a guide to giving yourself an abortion (illustrated by @Lubchansky@twitter.com). I'm really proud of it! jewishcurrents.org/how-to-give

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Au Havre, les pompiers en grève arrosent la mairie. Le secteur de la santé est en crise depuis trop longtemps ! 🚨

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I'm stuck on a delayed ICE Train, so I turned this into a script that tells me how delayed it is from my status bar.

And you can use it too! github.com/liclac/ambient

ok no but i mean the only persons i saw make out in there were lesbians

@Nocta @melunaka ouinnn, att là je suis au night-club du ccc mais on se fait un dm et on regarde ça si tu veux! :blobheartcat:

Anybody at 36C3 know where I can find an iron?

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me: these proofs are long and boring, i should maybe try to use agda's reflection api to automate them

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@epi I have no idea but it didn't seem to be, it was in a small room

gosh the room hosting the introduction to Agda is overflowing with people!

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