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practicing self care by using a static type system

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you've heard of "he uses 2048-bit RSA, so hit him with this $5 wrench until he tells us the key" but did you know it works on microchips too eprint.iacr.org/2018/717.pdf

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If you take meds in the morning, please remember to take them!

This is brought to you by me totally not just forgetting, just uh, putting them off.

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me: utilities: $120
food: $200
joke domain names: $6,600
housing: $2,100
someone please help me budget this my family is dying
also me: ooh, a special on .site, .biz, and .com bundles

If orchi is an option for you, feel free to ask me anything

[CW: surgery]

One month ago I had a bilateral orchiectomy done privately at Parkside Hospital in London.

No more depression due to cypro, no more fear of T rising again, no more localised dysphoria there, cuter in underwear :3, ...

I'm happy.

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don't call it smoked salmon if you haven't rolled and smoked it


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