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*applies for a job at the GIC*
GIC: please wait 24-36 months for an interview

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@kit_ty_kate@twitter.com the (extremely) newly proposed RecordDotSyntax extension for GHC github.com/ghc-proposals/ghc-p lets one write

tweet { author.name = "Lynn" }
tweet { author.name <> "!" }
tweet { author.name & map toUpper }

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@kit_ty_kate@twitter.com PureScript has

tweet { author { name = "Lynn" } }

but updates that need the old value are still a little messy, like

tweet { author { name = tweet.author.name <> "!" } }

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Contre toutes attentes, celle qui était il y a seulement quelques années une des plus célèbre militantes anti-trans est désormais considérée comme pro-trans par les militantEs anti-trans d'aujourd'hui. Signe incontestable de la radicalisation du mouvement.

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A lovely summary of the design of the new best-fit allocator, and some history of OCaml's allocators, from Damien Doligez: gallium.inria.fr/~scherer/doc/

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Register for the Scottish Programming Languages Seminar at the University of Glasgow on the 30th of October! It's free!


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It’s breast cancer awareness month, so don’t forget your checkup !

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scrolling over the london meetups list again, seeing entries like "Redis London" and picturing their conversations:
"I store values in keys"
"What a coincidence, I too store values in keys"

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the best part of the goose game is the fact that it (rightfully) refuses to recognize the existence of Australia

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Some members of our hackerspace participated in this years second iteration of the #MirageOS hack retreat in Marrakesh. Here is a short write-up in German openlab-openlab-augsburg.de/2019/10/la ([EN] G translate translate.google.com/translate ). Thanks curtisanne for the blog post. #ocaml

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*taps dopamine receptor* is this thing on?

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