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This Tumblr migration is certainly something ^^"

Hi to the 25 new users who arrived last night on \o

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Last August I wrote a small thread to explain how Mastodon works to newcomers. Guess it might proves handy to some people now.


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me thinking: "oh I'm in park far away, it's pitch black, it's gonna be tricky to find my way out"

reality: "you haven't considered: [London lights]"

I mean it's not the same problem ofc but it's close enough

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google define zealous
g: having or showing zeal

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[ 📢] Upgraded to Mastodon 2.6.5 + PR9248 (boosts non-aggregation option)

Version 2.6.5 (re-)introduces replies in lists to users of the same list

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@CobaltVelvet json-ld contexts are fetched for canonicalization. They are kept in caches most of the time, but… if they aren't in cache, an HTTP request is made. Right now, the W3C server with the “” document seems down, so any server not having it in their cache cannot send toots to the federation

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Mastodon is a distributed software which depends on HTTP requests to the W3C

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#introductions follow me for wholesome content, gay shit, and the occasional hornt-on-main

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The skies are clear and blue today where yesterday they were dark and gloomy.

I love winter in England

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I have
Two leggies
Two feetsies
Two armies
Two handsies
Two lips...
They're cold...
Warm them...
With yours?

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I came back to parser generator, remembered how to fixed the conflicts and now it works.
I find parser combinators so fragile and verbose in comparison (though I guess there are cases where it's better to use them)

me: "well I give up, let's try to make it using a parser combinator instead"

[narrator's voice] "and that, is going to be a complete waste of time"

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