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I got myself a new late-vacation toy: a RPi4. I put FreeBSD on it, it was surprisingly easy!

I hope it'll be useful as a quick test platform for work or some side projects.

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A gauche:La fausse météo parodique pour 2050 diffusée par TF1 il y a 10 ans.
A droite:la météo d'aujourd'hui.

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I'm starting to think we're having a difficult time finding a landlord willing to take us in Germany because we're a group of 3 adults instead of a group of 2. We get a while into the application process, then they check our IDs and tell us they're only looking for traditional families, or they start out with age requirements that we don't meet

Any polyam friends in .de experienced with this or have any advice?

Belarusian anarchists wrote an article about the situation in Belarus: How did the Belarusians come to rebellion against the dictatorship

today was very bad choice for wearing black clothes holly shit i'm boiling

That next time might be in a few years tho ^^" Mine is still very ok.

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Wah, Purism Librem 14 sure does look nice. Next time I have to buy a laptop I might go for that instead of another Thinkpad.

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What is the most interesting "fringe" #Wayland compositor for you at the moment. Specifically excluding #sway, #KDE (kwin) and #Gnome (mutter) because they are very well established and popular. Comments and boosts appreciated (would love to see more Wayland related content in the Fediverse) 😸

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Furusoi no renri
CW : nudity, sex suggested/talked about, relationship with a huge age gap (18-28), relationship at work (another one), family violence, physical violence, alcoholism

It isn't finished yet.
I like this one! Different from what you usually see, cute... I relate a bit to the older main character.
I recommend it!

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me, going outside: "oh there isn't too much pollen tonight. nice!"
*takes-off facemask*: .... "you know what? .. nevermind"

So MacOS is gonna switch to ARM, huh. I wonder how good their emulation software will have to be

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FWIW, I'm looking to relocate myself to Berlin. Don't mind remote or office based, though light preference for the former.

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woop, from the #MirageOS land:
- qubes-mirage-firewall supporting dynamic rules was released yesterday!topi
- TLS 1.3 is released, and live at
- no clue what will be announced tomorrow ;)

me: "my laptop has been a bit slow for a while now, I wonder why..."
also me: *gets OOM-killed with 16Go of RAM*

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