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What kind of lesbian are you?
Boost pls

Oracle just removed "yum" from its distribution??! (oraclelinux 8) What the actual fuck?

TL;DR: First triangles rendered on the M1 using open source code

Dissecting the Apple M1 GPU, part II

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Emphasising I'm a switch by sending >///< and 😈 in the same message.

Why can't we have nice things? (upstreamed patches)

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Nevermind, the issue was in one of the patches maintained by the Linux fork (bsdmainutils) on top of the FreeBSD source (which worked fine)

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How to murder your SSD with this one neat little trick (git clone freebsd-src)

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oh, it seems to be taken from FreeBSD... huh, oh no I don't want to have to deal with Phabricator ;_; pleez

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Where would I even report a bug in ncal(1) in Debian? I can't find the upstream repository.

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Lithothérapie: augmentez votre bien-être et révélez votre plein potentiel grace au pouvoir ancestral des pierres

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Als kleiner refresher:

#suckless macht OpenSource software, u.a. das sicherlich bekannte dmenu oder das Terminal "st".

Problem dabei: zu ihren jährlichen haben sie 2017 mit Fackelmärschen angefangen und nenne hosts "Wolfsschanze":

Also vielleicht bei Gelegenheit mal das System etwas von Hitler-Fans befreien.

Auf ihrer Website (die ich nicht verlinken werde, Suchmaschinen helfen hier) gibt es eine ganz gute Liste der entsprechenden Software.

#antifa #OpenSource #Linux

256 imposters or something, what a bloody mess it would be ^^"

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idea: turn the rC3 world into a game of Among Us on the last day

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Die Experience mit ewig rumlaufen und niemanden finden ist gut gelungen. 🤡

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tfw using an external monitor works wayyy better now that I'm using Wayland/Sway compared to when i used xorg (I don't think I've ever managed before on this machine)

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