fact: face my fears, the kingdom hearts 3 opening music, is amazing and i cannot wait until i can listen to the full version

new dragon age game? gonna need to play some da:i to celebrate

how the heck did i make it this far in life enjoying things casually? i didn’t

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lesbians are just more powerful than other mortals. thats just how it is

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still exhausted, so it's naptime before work starts. i hope i don't oversleep.....

just because you can afford it doesn't mean you should do it. in other words i'm asking if i can be stopped

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how about that new chapter?? shit's about to get wild. i hope my kids don't do anything to get themselves hurt

absolutely exhausted because i don't know how to go to bed anymore

i was being serious about the kin thing though i'm so confused and i want to understanddddd

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so i'm pretty new to the concept of kin and i'm honestly not sure what is happening... most anywhere on here πŸ˜‚

oh and i came home from the movie with another fictional woman i would marry :heart_eyes_cat_lesb:

i miss the days when i wasn't afraid of going outside at night but that was a really long time ago, in a more innocent age

i'm going to see wreck it ralph 2 tonight but i won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet

misread the word "titles" as "titties". again.

i haven't seen this many homestucks in years oh my goodness

rewatching legend of korra was a good idea. she's incredibly strong and i'm incredibly gay

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