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"ill make a man out of you" but for lesbians

at what point does the universe stop me from spending money?

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need a gf with sleepy bitch disease to take naps with

when you have a cool therapist who gets you pancAKES

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fear me. i know the stars better than any of you. they say............

"girls <3"

i really just be here drinking water until i feel like falling asleep

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me: i feel extra sad since i came back from that convention
my therapist: you literally have post-con depression

i may look festive with my ugly sweater and santa hat but honestly i'm dead inside

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me: im going to bed early tonight Show more

fact: face my fears, the kingdom hearts 3 opening music, is amazing and i cannot wait until i can listen to the full version

new dragon age game? gonna need to play some da:i to celebrate

how the heck did i make it this far in life enjoying things casually? i didn’t

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lesbians are just more powerful than other mortals. thats just how it is

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still exhausted, so it's naptime before work starts. i hope i don't oversleep.....

just because you can afford it doesn't mean you should do it. in other words i'm asking if i can be stopped

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