"coucou" is the superior salutation, nothing in any language can keep up with it, not even close

PEOPLE WHO MAKE SOFTWARE: "you should always auto-update all your software so that we're all safe from hacks and viruses"

ALSO PEOPLE WHO MAKE SOFTWARE: "that feature you were using? it's gone now. also we may installed some adware and spyware and may have bricked your computer"

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Today's special at the Japanese restaurant is calamari. 😋

Hot take we probably should’ve just zero-indexed century numbers so kids stop getting confused by the off-by-one nature of 1900-1999 being the twentieth century

1/ on a whim I got a tracker
2/ I discovered they make replacement straps for these but now that I tried this one I'm no longer so mush interested in the dozen others I also got.

the most British thing just happened:
found a used teabag on Oxford Street

Fun facts: You're a good person and should cut yourself some slack.

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