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General informations

Rules & Guidelines

lesbiab.space is an instance by and for lesbians. As a consequence, a few rules are to be observed:

  • Not be a man
  • As little public display of heterosexuality as possible
  • Not be transphobic

Also, a few general guidelines are to be observe to improve the common experience:

  • Don't post illegal content according to French law (the server is located in France)
  • No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no classism, no validism, …
  • Use CWs for nudity/porn, recreational drugs/alcohol, food, violence, … Use your common sense
  • Creations of bots on this instance must be restrained. Contact the admin first if you'd like to create one here
  • No spam, harassment, …

If any of this rules and guidelines are ignored, admins will get in contact or take actions immediately depending on what has been done.

Otherwise enjoy 💜